So imagine, you step outside Karen’s room and you’re faced with the champion. Your team is battered, your Ampharos is fainted, but you’re saving that Sacred Ash for when you really need it. It’s now or never. You step up on that platform, go through the dialogue, and then the “final” battle starts with Lance. You hear that music. The Pokemon Heartgold champion theme.

Hi all, I’m Zee… for this TAY theme week, I chose Pokemon Heartgold, arguably the greatest Pokemon game of all time. The Champion Lance and PKMN Trainer Red theme, in my opinion is the best song in the game.

Just listening to it makes you feel like a champion, like the battle actually means something. You can close your eyes while listening and envision an epic battle is taking place. By this point in the game, the first battle with Lance, you’re probably smart enough to know that you’re not gonna hear this again. That it’s unique for this battle, and that’s okay. But no, you hear it again when you fight Red. Probably the hardest battle in any pokemon game. These two battles are deserving of theme music this epic. I get this feeling whenever I listen to it. It may be nostalgia talking, but I just love it.


Another amazing theme is the Ho-oh battle music. My god how fitting. Such majestic. Very wow. Many doge. Like, if anything is deserving of a trap remix, it’s this. It probably exists. But yeah, what else do you expect to hear? You’re fighting a rainbow phoenix, on top of a traditional Japanese tower, with 5 girls in kimonos around you?

Now for what I think is something on the more weird side of the spectrum, the Arceus event music. Now I know that the music is originally from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum with the Azure Flute Arceus event, but it was impossible to do legit so I’m counting HGSS as the first time it appeared. Now, you CAN’T get the feel of the music without watching/doing the Arceus event for HGSS. Go grab yourself an Action Replay. Watch the event —> here <— .

Some other other songs and other sounds, the Raikou/Entei theme. I really don’t see anything special with the music itself, but when you hear it, you clench your buttcheeks and hope that it goes in the freaking ball! Also, I think this may be the only Pokemon game to have a radio. And, last but not least, the GB Sounds. I love how this kinda breaks the fourth wall, and it replaces all audio in the game with the sounds from the original GSC. Man, I love this game.

Makes sense that SoulSilver is $300+ on Amazon these days.

**None of these videos are mine, all rights go to their respective owners**

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