Hey guys! Zee here, and I want to tell you that the “summer drought” isn’t going to affect me that much. I already have plans for the summer, watch a LOT of anime, and play the games I already have. Or... buy a Switch. Maybe. I want Splatoon 2.

So... I have a Crunchyroll account now, so I can watch a lot more of those Chinese cartoons everyone’s talking about. So, while I’m doing that, I won’t really focus on the absence of new games during the summer. It’s like if you don’t have water but just have some Gatorade instead. Gatorade is good.


There’s also SO MANY GAMES I haven’t finished. Such as, Crush Crush, Monster Super League, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Just Cause 3, Undertale... Car Mechanic Simulator...? Also Fallout 4. And these are just my PC games. I’m set for the summer, no doubt about that. I really do need to finish the games I already have before starting new ones.

Yeah, I’m kinda set for the summer... What’s good about not finishing any of the games you have is that you’ll have backups if a drought like what’s coming up ever happens.

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